Mini: The Myth of the Shattered Vessels, EP. 64

One of the most common stories in Kabbalah sheds light on the world’s imperfections and Tikkun Olam.

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Mini: Does G-d Exist?, EP. 62

A short story about twins in the womb and their thoughts about what the future holds.

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How to be Tech Healthy with Adina Sash, aka @flatbushgirl, EP. 59

Are you addicted to your phone, and if so, what can you do about it? What is a “digital sabbath?” Do Jewish Women have faces? And more, with special guest, Adina Sash, aka @flatbushgirl!

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Mini: The Gold Necklace, EP. 42

This is the story of how a Jewish girl, torn away from her Mother by the Nazis, was reunited with her Father. 

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Mini: I Have No Time! EP. 40

The story of the glass jar shows us how we should make time for the important things in our lives. 

True Relaxation, EP. 38

A story about how a psychiatrist and Rabbi came to realize that he couldn’t stand to be alone with himself for even five minutes without a distraction.  

Mini: Tefillin and Acupuncture, Ep. 30

How the Jewish tradition of Tefillin aligns with the ancient Chinese healing method of acupuncture. Read More