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Best New Year’s Health Hacks

Listen to my interview with Patricia Greenberg, aka The Fitness Gourmet, as we discuss the best health hacks for 2022 on her KABC radio show “Eat Well, Live Well,...

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“Nourishing Your Practice” – Episode 42: Finding the best fit for your knowledge – Jill Sharfman, NC, BCHN®

How do you discover your passion? I was recently interviewed on the official National Association of Nutrition Professionals podcast “Nourishing Your Practice” podcast! We spoke about my journey to...

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The Whole Person! My interview on the “Be Impactful” Podcast W/ Rivky Itzkowitz

Jill Sharfman NC (Nutrition Consultant), is the co-host of the nutrition podcast “Let My People Eat.” On each episode she helps to demystify confusing talk about how to maintain...

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Boss Maidel Podcast

Jill made a guest appearance on the Boss Maidel Podcast! Here are some of the topics that Jill and Chanie touched on: What to eat and what not to...

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