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Satisfying talk about kosher nutrition™

On each episode, Jill, Andrea and their guests clear through the clutter of nutrition-speak, arming you with the clarity and confidence to eat, feel and be your healthiest every day.

Do Vitamins and Supplements Actually Work? EP. 91

Could you only eat fruits and vegetables for one week, when is the best time to take your supplements, what vitamins are the MVPs, and more, with special guest, Laleh the Health Coach!

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Relieving Pain with Acupuncture! EP. 90

Do acupuncture needles hurt, how the Ba’al Shem Tov practiced ancient medicine, what acupressure...

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Is Collagen the Fountain of Youth? EP. 89

All your collagen questions answered! What is this anti-aging secret, how do you take...

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Self-Care is Not Selfish! EP. 88

Do you engage in negative self-talk, is it important for your children to see...

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Jill Sharfman, NC

Jill is a board-certified holistic nutritionist, who loves to wade into the minefields of misinformation to bring you satisfying certainty about your holistic health.


Dr. Andrea Moskowitz

Andrea is a distinguished neuroscientist and psychiatrist, who uses her training and experience to ground our discussions in sound medical facts. 

4 Holiday Hacks for Surviving the Yom Tov Season

Menu-planning for the holidays has quickly become the transcontinental operation it was always destined...

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Getting the 411 On CBD: Is All the Hype Real?

There are countless testimonials around the internet recounting the magic of CBD. With claims...

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The Truth About Dairy: Setting the Record Straight Just in Time for Shavuos

Walk into just about any coffee shop and you will be inundated with regular...

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