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On each episode, Jill, Andrea and their guests clear through the clutter of nutrition-speak, arming you with the clarity and confidence to eat, feel and be your healthiest every day.

Healthy Bones Matter! EP. 39

How you can preserve bone mass, avoid the dreaded “widow’s hump,” why you should know your T-score, and more! 

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True Relaxation, EP. 38

A story about how a psychiatrist and Rabbi came to realize that he couldn’t...

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Eating Disorders in the Orthodox Jewish Community, EP. 37

Is our rigid way of eating Kosher contributing to eating disorders, what are the...

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Mini: The Jewish View on UFOs, Aliens, and Extraterrestrial Intelligence, EP. 36

The Lubavitcher Rebbe and a scientist explore life on Mars. 

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Jill Sharfman, NC

Jill is a board-certified holistic nutritionist, who loves to wade into the minefields of misinformation to bring you satisfying certainty about your holistic health.


Dr. Andrea Moskowitz

Andrea is a distinguished neuroscientist and psychiatrist, who uses her training and experience to ground our discussions in sound medical facts. 

Healthy Eating During Passover: How One Week Can Set the Tone for Your Year-Round Habits

By Miriam Herst While every Jewish holiday has the potential to send even the...

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Don’t Make These Mega Mistakes with Healthy Cooking Oils!

By Bluma Gordon Because of the recent renewed enthusiasm for healthy fats, you can...

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Should You Follow These Top 3 Kosher Food Trends?

by Bluma Gordon Welcome to 2019! Here are some kosher-trends that will experience a...

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