Should You Eat Fermented Foods? w/ Sarah from Spice + Zest! EP. 71

Are you a sourdough newbie, how to start a starter, what is the role of fermented foods in your gut microbiome, and more with special guest Sarah Leitner, the Sourdough Queen!

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Mini: God’s Pharmacy, EP. 70

God gave us great clues in our food as to which part of the body they nourish!

Breast Cancer and Nutrition w/ Tamar Rothenberg and Sharsheret! EP. 69

Flip your plate, reduce your food anxiety, how cocoa helps relieve stress, limit your tush time, and more!

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Why Jill Needs Accountability w/ Coach Lily! EP. 68

What baggage are you carrying around, how when you’re not losing, you’re learning, and more with special guest, Coach Lily Aronin!

You can find Coach Lily @lilyaronin on Instagram.

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Should You be Gluten-Free? w/ Jamie Feit! EP. 67

What exactly is gluten, how can you be a good shabbos guest with allergies, will zoodles save you, and more!

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Kosher Restaurants: Behind the Scenes w/ Chef Erick! EP. 66

What would Chef Erick’s last meal be, what ingredients excite him most, how he is making Gruit into a modern heimish deli, and more!

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New Year’s Resolutions: Weight Loss Edition with Ilana Muhlstein! EP. 65

Why people are drawn to diets, should you weigh yourself everyday, how elephants and bunnies can help you lose weight, and more with special guest, Ilana Muhlstein!

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Mini: The Myth of the Shattered Vessels, EP. 64

One of the most common stories in Kabbalah sheds light on the world’s imperfections and Tikkun Olam.

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Healthy Husbands: A How-To Guide, EP. 63

Do you micromanage your husband’s health? Learn how to turn in your badge from the food police, and more with special guest, Leah Richeimer, from The Ladies Talkshow!

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Mini: Does G-d Exist?, EP. 62

A short story about twins in the womb and their thoughts about what the future holds.

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