Healthy Bones Matter! EP. 39

How you can preserve bone mass, avoid the dreaded “widow’s hump,” why you should know your T-score, and more! 

True Relaxation, EP. 38

A story about how a psychiatrist and Rabbi came to realize that he couldn’t stand to be alone with himself for even five minutes without a distraction.  

Eating Disorders in the Orthodox Jewish Community, EP. 37

Is our rigid way of eating Kosher contributing to eating disorders, what are the warning signs, and where to get help? 

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Pesach Perfectly Organized! EP. 35

Is Pesach cleaning different from spring cleaning, why a crock pot is your best friend, and how Oprah helped our guest, Rivka Slatkin, start her organization business, and more!

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Mini: Sweet as Sugar! Ep. 34

As we add the sugar to our challah dough, we should think about adding sweetness to the lives of people around us.

Photo by James Besser on Unsplash

The Fit Jewess! Ep. 33

Why are forbidden waters sweeter, is Dance Dance Revolution a good workout, and more with guest Sara Kupfer, the Fit Jewess!



Mini: Is it Shabbos Yet? EP. 32

A popular children’s story gets a makeover!

Your Purim Game Plan! Ep. 31

How to avoid a Purim candy hangover, plan your splurges strategically, why being drunk with happiness is the goal, and more!

Photo by rawpixel  on Unsplash

Mini: Tefillin and Acupuncture, Ep. 30

How the Jewish tradition of Tefillin aligns with the ancient Chinese healing method of acupuncture. Read More