Boss Maidel Podcast

Jill made a guest appearance on the Boss Maidel Podcast! Here are some of the topics that Jill and Chanie touched on:

What to eat and what not to eat? That is a question that many of us struggle with. Whether it is pescatarian, paleo, vegan or vegetarian  the options are numerous and the various messages delivered through our culture can be immensely confusing. Jill’s answer is remarkably simple: eat what works for your body. We can start to eat more intuitively by noticing how we feel after we eat thus  being  more mindful of which foods affect our digestion, our moods and our energy  levels. It’s time to take the fear and guilt out of food and focus on health and well being. Rather than restrict ourselves we can add healthier options such as more water, more veggies and more color into our meals.

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