Month: April 2020

Are Your Hormones Working for You? EP. 75

Do you suffer from insomnia and night sweats, how does your gut and liver affect estrogen levels, are flaxseeds and soy the place to start, and more with special guest Dr. Guy!

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Sustainable Farming Meets Kosher Eating

I can’t believe Pesach is this week! In the Spring edition of Kosher Spirit magazine, Miriam Herst, a member of the Let My People Eat team, wrote an article about hydroponic greens and how they are impacting the kosher food industry. The article also includes a short interview of me and some of my recipes!…

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Tuscan-Inspired: A Light and Luscious Yom Tov Meal

Welcome to my Yom Tov table! Pesach is a time where everyone feels like they need to get a little more creative with the way they prepare their meals for family and guests. But I find that I make these dishes throughout the year, because healthy eating is often naturally kosher for Pesach anyway. This…

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