Tuscan-Inspired: A Light and Luscious Yom Tov Meal

Welcome to my Yom Tov table! Pesach is a time where everyone feels like they need to get a little more creative with the way they prepare their meals for family and guests. But I find that I make these dishes throughout the year, because healthy eating is often naturally kosher for Pesach anyway. This is a Tuscan-inspired lunch that I have often served outdoors in the LA sunshine. So here are a few options featured in Ami’s Whisk Magazine on page 58 that I did in collaboration with Dorit Teichman. I hope you consider trying some of them out because your guests will be shocked that Pesach can taste so good! Also, these recipes have limited processed sugar and absolutely no potato starch. I wish you luck in your cooking adventures!


2 comments on “Tuscan-Inspired: A Light and Luscious Yom Tov Meal
  1. Donna Katz says:

    What a beautiful cookbook. The table decors were breathtaking and I want to try each recipe. These will have shelf life way beyond Passover. Thanks

    1. admin says:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read it!

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