Month: November 2018

Snacks on the Go! Ep.19

Your restaurant game plan, batch cooking, the law of inverse quality and more! Read More

Mini: God as Matchmaker, Ep.18

Since the creation of the world, God has kept busy making matches between husbands and wives. Read More

Diet Confusion?!?! Ep.17

We tackle the myriad of fad diets, which is best for you, why you shouldn’t eat like a caveman, and more! Read More

The Perfect Meal, Ep.15

Why your brain needs fat, eggs are the perfect food, and more! Read More

Mini: Wise Men of Chelm, Ep.14

Dietary advice is everywhere, but as the Wise Men of Chelm demonstrate, do not take the counsel of fools. Read More

All Things Exercise, Ep.13

Biggest mistake people make at the gym, how often you should exercise, what foods should you eat before and after, and more with personal trainer, Jennifer Campbell. Read More

Mini: God Works in Mysterious Ways, Ep.12

My friend’s story of how she met her husband shows us how God works in mysterious ways.

Our Drinking Problem, Ep.11

Why regular soda is better than diet soda, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, dehydration and more!

Read More