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Best New Year’s Health Hacks

Listen to my interview with Patricia Greenberg, aka The Fitness Gourmet, as we discuss the best health hacks for 2022 on her KABC radio show “Eat Well, Live Well,...

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“Nourishing Your Practice” – Episode 42: Finding the best fit for your knowledge – Jill Sharfman, NC, BCHN®

How do you discover your passion? I was recently interviewed on the official National Association of Nutrition Professionals podcast “Nourishing Your Practice” podcast! We spoke about my journey to...

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How to Keep Your Tummy Happy! EP. 105

What is considered “normal” digestion, how many times a day should you go to the bathroom, have you experienced a “food coma,” and why our guest, Tehila Widenbaum says...

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Orthorexia: The Invisible Eating Disorder! EP. 104

What are your fear foods and safe foods, does healthy eating make you feel virtuous, is orthorexia a socially acceptable way to express eating disorders, and more with our...

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Fighting PCOS! EP: 103

Can your diet boost fertility, do you approach things with an “all or nothing” mindset, and how our guest, Lauren Allen, went from a self-proclaimed sugar addict to living...

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Does Your Doctor Really Listen to You? EP: 102

Why sometimes working backwards gets you where you need to be, what blood tests you should ask your doctor to run, are supplements a band-aid, and why our guest,...

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How to Survive Passover Prep! EP. 101

We give you a step-by-step guide to Passover Prep, whether you are a novice or have tons of experience. We share why simple is always better when it comes...

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It’s Our 100th Episode! EP: 100

Join Andrea and me as our producer asks us 50 rapid fire questions. We cover everything from our best health hacks to our superpowers!

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The Health Benefits of Self-Confidence! EP: 99

Are self-confident people born that way, why you have to be “stupid” sometimes and how not to let fear hold you back, and more with our special guest, Rivky...

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