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Relieving Pain with Acupuncture! EP. 90

Do acupuncture needles hurt, how the Ba’al Shem Tov practiced ancient medicine, what acupressure points help with headache or nausea, and more with special guest, Roy Kimia L.Ac.!

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Is Collagen the Fountain of Youth? EP. 89

All your collagen questions answered! What is this anti-aging secret, how do you take it, and what are its benefits, with special guest, Joy Harari of Shore Magic!

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Self-Care is Not Selfish! EP. 88

Do you engage in negative self-talk, is it important for your children to see you taking care of yourself, and how is exercise the drug of choice for our special guest, Liba Yoffe of Spirit Fit Life!

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How to Achieve Moodtopia: Herbs to the Rescue! EP. 87

Which herbs help lift the black cloud, are popsicles the best way to take herbal remedies, and how what your body needs can be found in your own backyard, and more, with special guest Sara-Chana Silverstein, Master Herbalist!

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Balancing Blood Sugar: The Highs and Lows! EP. 86

Do you take “hangry” to a whole new level, what is your carbohydrate tolerance, why is fiber your friend and more, with special guest, Health Coach Melinda Strauss!

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Breast Cancer Myths: Fact vs. Fiction! EP. 85

Why your teenager should be eating soy, is caffeine is on the “yes” list, and are the dangers of underwire bras and antiperspirant an urban legend? Join us and our special guests, dietician Tamar Rothenberg, Dr. Ian Taras, and Melissa Rosen, a Sharsheret representative!

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Coping with Anxiety w/ Bari Mitzmann- Part 2! EP. 84

Why you need to be a food and mood detective, how to nourish your body to keep calm, why laughter is the best medicine and more, with special guest, Bari Mitzmann!

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Love in the Time of Corona! EP. 83

What are the benefits to Zoom dating? Is there a “mystery from your history?” What is the key to a good relationship? And more, with special guest, Aleeza Ben Shalom, the Marriage-Minded Mentor!

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